The Kangashan Kid


Our heroes have finally made it to the Safari Zone, bu an Officer Jenny disguised as a chansey informs them they still can’t catch the Pokemon. While talking to Jenny she gets an alert of a Pokemon poacher, it’s Team Rocket. Jessie and James try catching a herd of kangaskhan with a bazooka. This causes a stampede our heroes run from. Team Rocket nearly catches all the Pokemon when out from nowhere a jungle boy, named Tomo uses his boomerang to free everyone and send Team Rocket blasting off again.

After all the Team Rocket excitement a freaking helicopter lands in the forest saying his son Tommy is missing somewhere in the area. Through flashback the father reveals he dropped his son from the helicopter into the forest five years ago. I repeat HE DROPPED HIS SON FROM A HELICOPTER. Papa is the epitome of awful. Basically Tomo is their son, poor kid. Ash, Misty, and Brock offer to help which means they have to literally carry Tommy’s parents through the forest.

They find Tomo, he doesn’t recognize his parents. As far as Tomo’s concerned his family is the kangaskhan. Papa HITS TOMO WITH A BRANCH AND TRIES TO KIDNAP HIM HOME. Somehow this causes Tomo to remember his mom, not his awful dad. Misty knocks Papa on the head with  a log which is super satisfying. Team Rocket goes back to their kangaskhan poaching which causes Tomo to run off to save them. Bulbasaur Squirtle, Pikachu, Charmander, and not Pidgeotto help Tomo take down Team Rocket’s robo-kangaskhan. Papa and Mama’s helicopter crashing into the machine unfortunately is what saves the day and unfortunately papa survives. They decide to stay in the forest with Tomo and become jungle people. Tomo seems to love them at least.


Any Surprises?

  • Ash thinking he found a chansey in the Safari Zone
  • Jenny points a gun at Ash, relevant considering next episode
  • Boy raised by kangaskhan
  • This dad dropped his son from a helicopter
  • The dad thinks his falling son WANTS TO GET A CLOSER LOOK
  • Tomo lists his address in the Safari Zone directory
  • Tomo can’t tell a people from a Pokemon
  • Papa considers CHILD ABUSE as a solution
  • James also has a gun shaped tranquilizer, relevant considering next episode
  • Papa and Mama survive a helicopter crash

The idea of a Tarzan/Jungle book story in the Pokemon world makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately how great this could have been is ruined by one character : Papa. He’s smug, whiny, and an unapologetic child abuser. His ignorance makes everything about him worse too. He never seems to show any actual love for Tomo. Mama loves her son, but never stands up to Papa for all the crap he’s done. He freaking BLAMES her for him dropping his so out a helicopter. If this episode was either papaless or parentless in general it would have worked. I can see it either way with Mama’s genuine concern and love for her missing boy and it could have worked with centering the episode around Tomo’s connection to his kangaskhan mother. As is it is nearly unwatchable. Officially takes Challenge of the Samurai’s place as worst episode ever!


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