Sparks Fly for Magnemite


Our gang arrives in this depressing town full of factories called Gringy City. Suddenly Pikachu nearly faints and appears to be super flushed. They rush off to the Pokemon Center, carrying poor Pikachu. Team Rocket observes them from afar like always. When they get to the Pokemon Center they’re told that their super sick Pikachu just has a cold. Nurse Joy doesn’t do anything for Pikachu. Suddenly in another part of town the power goes out, which hurts Team Rocket and our heroes.

Ash and the gang head for the power plant. Determined little Pikachu followed them, poor thing is afraid of being abandoned. Thanks to the power outage Jessie and James nearly die scuba diving through the sewers. They quickly get back on the steal Pikachu track. The power plant has been completely abandoned except for a creeping magnemite. Magnemite seems to have fallen in love with Pikachu. Also in the power plant are some nasty stinking grimer and their muk leader. While running from the sludgy Pokemon they meet some workers of the power plant who lead them to the control room. It’s the grimer that’s causing the problems with the power.

Pikachu the determinator steps up to fight off all the grimer. Alas poor thing is overpowered by the sheer amount of them. Many magnemite and magneton come out and help our heroes in battle. They’re able to turn the power back on. Muk still stands an fights, but is still defeated. Ash actually throws a Pokeball at the weakened Pokemon and catches it. They find out Pikachu was never sick, but was feeling the negative effects of having too much electricity in it’s body. That’s also why magnemite was attracted to it. Team Rocket tries to steal Pokemon in the last second, but fails cause status quo. An environmental message is shoehorned in. Disapointingly instead of replacing Primeape with Muk, Ash sends it off to Professor Oak. Least this way it’s sure to appear more than Primeape.


Any Surprises?

  • Pikachu sick, it’s just so sudden
  • Super uncaring Nurse Joy
  • Pikachu fears abandonment
  • Ash confusing the words streaker and stalker
  • Misty thinks muk is a grimer grandpa
  • Ash catches Muk
  • Muk’s smell comes through the Pokeball


I like it when Pokemon does more suspenseful plots. So far they pull it off real well. They have nice stakes and seem to be the best paced episodes with the fewest side plots. This episode in particular was made great by Pikachu alone. Not only did it make for a good logic reason for the plot, but it was very enjoyable watching Pikachu fight while sick. Really added a layer to our favorite little mascot.

Normally I can’t stand when Team Rocket has barely anything to do in the episode except for the very beginning and end, but I didn’t mind it this time. Maybe because they seemed to have less screen time than usual, who knows. After my little rant last episode I’m pretty salty Muk got sent away already. Not only that, but Ash could have used any Pokemon to stop the Muk yet he acted like he only had Pikachu. I get it, I love Pikachu too but come on give someone else the spotlight. I guess after thirty episodes that flaws starting to become noticeable.


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