The Punchy Pokemon


Ash and the gang see a hitmonchan of all things practicing in the streets. Ash talks a frightened Pikachu into boxing with it. Amazingly Pikachu manages to get a hit on it. Hitmonchan’s trainer comes up to coach it through the battle and knocks Pikachu out. The man, Anthony is interrupted by his daughter, Rebecca. She begs him to come home and stop all this nonsense. Anthony’s trying to win the P1 Grand Prix. Rebecca asks the gang to beat her father’s Hitmonchan.

Team Rocket finds out about the P1 Grand Prix, and it’s prize. They manage to steal a Hitmonlee from a poor trainer. They enter the contest in disguise. Ash enters too with his Primeape. It goes up against a Machop in the first round. It’s thrown out of the ring in a glorious fashion, but gets back up and takes willing orders from Ash. Brock enters with Geodude, it goes as well as a rock type in a fighting type contest would. It ends up Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee fight.

Everything goes well for Hitmonchan until Team Rocket decide they need to cheat. Rebecca steps in at the final blow to protect Hitmonchan, and her father steps in to protect her. Anthony ends up surrendering and apologizing to Rebecca for not being there for her. Before the battle with Primeape and Hitmonlee, Team Rocket reveal themselves. Meowth tries cheating again, but Pikachu sees him. They attempt to shock the ring while Hitmonlee jumps up. Pikachu removes the devise from under the mat and Primeape is able to become the champion. Anthony liked what he saw and offers to train Primeape for a while. So bye Primeape it was nice while it lasted.


Any Surprises? 

  • Pikachu’s afraid of hitmonchan
  • Pikachu boxing
  • Team Rocket actually stealing a Pokemon
  • Primeape’s character growth
  • Brock enters a rock Pokemon in a fighting Pokemon contest
  • Pikachu casually handing Team Rocket their own devise


This episode was fine, good even. There wasn’t any pointless side plots. It was evenly paced.  The plot with Rebecca and her dad worked out in a touching way. It even had a satisfying resolution. Primeape deserved to win. It deserved to have a moment where it really shined as a character. Heck it even started listening to Ash and that’s really the reason it won. The only shame is it’s Primeape’s first non-flashback appearance in the four episodes Ash had it. I just don’t understand what was the point of adding to Ash’s team if it was never going to be used and just given away so quickly. The two literally just connected in this episode too. This just makes everything they went through to catch it in Primeape Goes Bananas feel pointless. The only reason Ash caught it was to prove he could train a variety of Pokemon, yet they throw out his newest team member to be trained by someone else. Barely anyone but Ash even uses their Pokemon (been awhile since Starmie or Horsea appeared) , but this is almost worse.  It’s just a waste of potential and I hope they never treat a Pokemon that took so much effort to catch like this again.


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