Pokemon Fashion Flash


Brock takes Ash and Misty down Scissor Street to see some of the best Pokemon Breeders. There’s a lot of pokefashion around. Even Team Rocket has there own shoop that basically turns Pokemon into clowns. Brock finds the shop he’s been looking for belonging to a breeder named Suzie. She has a cute little Vulpix. Brock admires Suzie and the rest of the gang get to know her as well.

As the heroes talk with Suzie, they mention how flashy the Pokemon on the street look. It all started with Team Rockets shop and now it’s a fad. Suzie doesn’t like it as she believes in inner beauty. Misty’s the only one who likes this gaudy look. Misty decides to prove Ash wrong and takes Psyduck to Team Rocket’s shop (naturally they don’t know that’s who it belongs too). Brock and Ash help Suzie by holding a Pokemon lecture about poke massaging. It takes all the customers from Team Rocket’s salon, except Misty.

Seeing Misty freaks out Team Rocket in disguise so they take her and give her the makeover. Meowth blows their cover and they hold her hostage to try and steal Pikachu. Psyduck runs to Ash and Brock for help. Pikachu and Geodude go against a dressed up Ekans and Koffing. Team Rocket seems to have the edge, but Vulpix steps in and annihilates them with fire spin of all things. Suzie’s impressed with how Brock handled his Pokemon, she decides to let Vulpix travel with him a while.


Any Surprises?

  • Pokemon fashion
  • A vulpix is a supermodel
  • Jessie is the prince and James is the princess
  • Fire spin is what sends Team Rocket blasting off
  • Misty’s awful to her Psyduck
  • Brock catches Suzie’s Vulpix


So this episode happened, a whole plot around whether or not to decorate your Pokemon. This episode focused much more heavily on Brock and Misty. It does well at showing off Brock’s special breeding skills, but makes Misty look pretty awful again. She spends most the episode whining, being shallow, and worst of all yelling at poor Psyduck when it actually helped her. She gets mad that it runs away instead of staying with her, but hello Misty if it stayed Team Rocket would have captured it too and your friends would have no clue where you went. The best parts were the simple ones with Ash, Brock, and Suzie just talking about a Pokemon’s potential and of course when Psyduck saves the day. The enjoyment of this episode was pretty limited, it had a pretty large fundamental flaw in it’s plot.

Even though I tend to enjoy episodes where Team Rocket is part of the main plot this episode was pretty pointless. At least last episode had missing kids and sick Pokemon. This one has Pokemon fashion. Suzie isn’t even in any danger with her shop closing. The only thing anyone has against Team Rocket’s shop is they promote the outer beauty of Pokemon. I liked Suzie, I thought she was a good character of the day. Heck she’s the one that actually beats Team Rocket, when can a one off actually say that. She just sounds preachy in the end. It’s a good message, inner strength vs outer beauty. I just don’t feel like the episode portrays it well. They kinda show it in the end when Vulpix just burns Team Rocket up, but it’s not actually supported in any way. Team Rocket does fine with their outer beauty. They lose all the time anyway so them losing while their Pokemon are dressed up leaves zero impact on the message. They should have showed the impacts of this philosophy more than just repeating it over and over. It just gets hard to watch when the whole point of the episode is done wrong.



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