Hypno’s Naptime


While traveling through a city Ash is basically assaulted through hug by a woman who mistakes Ash for her son, Arnold. He disappeared three days ago and many other children have gone missing recently too. The lady reminds Ash of his mom so he decides to help her. Officer Jenny tells them more about the disappearances. She suggests asking the kids in the Pokemon Center. Ash and Misty question Nurse Joy tells them how all the Pokemon at the center are acting strangely. They all act drowsy and kinda dead inside. This also started three days ago. Officer Jenny is picking up strange sleep waves. Suddenly Pikachu falls asleep too.

They find a club where members use a drowzee and hypno to get to sleep. They discover this must be why the Pokemon are all sleeping. They test if hypno is behind the children’s disappearances on Misty. Immediately she starts acting like a seel and runs away. They follow her to a park where all the other children are there acting like Pokemon. They guy from the club is deeply disturbed by what he sees. He suggests using drowzee to help all the children.

Misty is returned to normal by the drowzee. As they go to help the kids in the park Team Rocket flies in on them. They try to take drowzee and hypno. There plan involves using a mirror to make hypno put itself to sleep, it actually works until Ash throws a freaking pot at the mirror. Jessie and James catch the two Pokemon. Misty uses Staryu and Pidgeotto finally gets some screen time again. Between the two Team Rocket are blasted away.

All of the kids and Pokemon are returned to normal. Arnold is reunited with his mom too of course. There’s still a psyduck holding its head. Brock suggests Misty take it since it’s a water type. She doesn’t want it, so naturally she trips and drops a pokeball that happens to capture Psyduck.


Any Surprises?

  • Officer Jenny is the Maiden Peaks Jenny’s cousins cousin
  • Brock’s a bad cop (in all definitions)
  • Mansion on top of a skyscraper
  • No one saw all those kids acting like Pokemon in that park
  • Team Rocket has hang gliders
  • Misty accidentally catches a Pokemon


Looks like we’re back to some filler traveling through made up towns. The plot of this episode was pretty dumb. At the very least it’s apparently the episode that gives us Psyduck. The only other thing that was interesting was Officer Jenny. She was very involved in the plot. It’s the first time a Jenny has really taken the part of one of character. This meaning she’s basically a main character for this episode only.

Team Rocket was especially shoehorned into this episode. Their reasoning for wanting drowzee and hypno doesn’t even make sense. They think if they use them to get the boss to sleep they can take a vacation. It’s such bad logic and it wouldn’t have been so bad if they tried catching Pikachu. Yeah it would have been pretty shoehorned too, but them trying to insert themselves into the main plot is just even more pace breaking. At least Pikachu stealing is an expected side plot at this point.

Back to the main plot it wasn’t especially bad. It wasn’t dully awful likeĀ Challenge of the Samurai. It was just contrived. Everything wrong is too easily solved even for a kids show. All they do to fix the Pokemon and kids is use drowzee to reverse everything. The club members just go along with it too. I know they aren’t antagonists, but it’s just such a rushed resolution after all the weight of missing children and sick Pokemon. I know it’s only twenty minutes of cartoon, but there’s plenty they could have cut out to improve the pacing.

Besides Team Rocket’s stuff they could have cut down the backtracking. This basically centers around the rooftop mansion. It isn’t very interesting to look at. There is also a lot of back and forth to the park. At least the park has the kids to make it interesting. It isn’t that bad in the scheme of things just very dragging. I didn’t hate this episode overall, I also didn’t even find it dull. The setup is fascinating, I mean missing kids is a pretty dark plot. I feel like the problems really come from everything coming too easy. Being an adult I may be too hard on this episode. It just wasn’t one for me.


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