Pokemon Scent-sation


Ash and the gang arrive in Celadon City. Honestly a record so far in terms of traveling. They discover a perfume shop and Misty (for the perfume) and Brock (for the girls) are highly interested. Ash insults the woman who owns the shop by saying perfume’s stupid. He is thrown out of the store and continues on to the gym. He goes alone even without Pikachu to the gym. It turns out he’s barred from the gym too. It turns out the perfume from the shop is manufactured right in the gym. Whoops.

Team Rocket breaks into the gym and run into trouble. They have to fight a gloom that’s immune to Koffing’s gas. It stuns them with it’s own noxious gas. They are caught and also banned from the gym. Ash finds Team Rocket strung up from a tree. Jessie promises to get Ash in the gym if he helps them. This involves them dressing Ash like a little girl. Ash returns to the gym as Ashley, and Team Rocket as “her” parents. They are able to get right in by claiming “Ashley” is applying to be a student at the gym. While Ash is occupied with that Team Rocket makes their way back into trouble.

Ash goes in to meet Erika who is the owner from the perfume store. Misty, Brock, and Pikachu are also there making Ash nervous about his disguise. A tender moment is shared with Erika telling the story about her meeting gloom and how it saved her as a child. Naturally Pikachu recognizes Ash and gives him a shock revealing him to everyone. It ends up okay as Erika lets him have a battle anyway. He sends out Bulbasaur who fights her tangela. He ends up calling it back quickly due to a nasty stun spore. He nearly uses Primeape, but decides Charmander is probable a safer choice. It does well against her weepinbell. As soon as she sends out gloom though it’s all over for Charmander. Ash doesn’t know who to send out next, but Pikachu’s determined. It doesn’t matter, Team Rocket comes out to attack. They are immediately blasted off with the perfume formula. This leaves the gym on fire and the Pokemon in danger.

Ash and Misty send their water Pokemon to help put out the fire. Brock sends Geodude to help too. Erika’s a mess because her beloved gloom is still in the building. Ash goes in the burning gym to find gloom. After some challenges he is able to carry gloom out like a true hero. With this act Erika decides Ash earned the gym badge. It’s also revealed Team Rocket didn’t take any secret formula, but essence of gloom. So all is right with the world.


Any Surprises? 

  • The cartoonists never gave Meowth a nose
  • Ash teaming up with Team Rocket
  • Ash as a girl
  • Pikachu putting out a large fire with a watering can
  • Ash back to performing heroic deeds for badges


This episode was an interesting one for sure. I actually really liked the “Ash gets badge for nobility not battle” ending this time. Saving a Pokemon from a fire is extremely heroic and worth that badge. The fight with Erika was pretty great too. I feel like it’s been awhile since someone’s had a real multiple Pokemon fight. I wish he had used Primeape or even Pidgeotto though. His starters just get so much screen time they could share with a different Pokemon for a change.

The beginning was pretty slow. I felt it contrived that the shop Ash happens to insult just happens to be related to the gym. It did lead to one of my favorite Team Rocket schemes so far. Jessie, James, and Ash all dressing up was pretty great. I didn’t expect Ash to go to those lengths just to get back in the gym. It’s hard to talk about the episodes that are just genuinely good fun. I’m actually pretty impressed with the series so far. In my opinion most of the episodes have been good so far. Cheesy and simple yes, but still so full of heart.



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