Primeape Goes Bananas


Early in the morning Ash calls Professor Oak to tell him he won his fourth badge. Professor Oak kind brushes it off since the other trainers that started with Ash have five badges. He also accidentally makes Ash feel bad that he hasn’t caught more Pokemon. The trio continue down the road to head to Celadon City, where the next badge lies. Ash is also very inspired to catch more Pokemon. At this a spunky little mankey comes out to play. Ash throws a Pokeball at it, but it not only fails but makes mankey angry. After it chases the trio, mankey ends up fighting Ash and takes his hat.

Ash is super upset that mankey took his irreplaceable hat. It turns out he won it in a contest. Team Rocket comes in to take Pikachu. This is foiled rather quickly, James kicks mankey and mankey evolves in primeape and annihilates them. The trio uses this as a diversion to escape the madness. It doesn’t work, so Pikachu has to fight it. It does nothing. Even Brock tries to calm it and ends up beaten.

After more running Ash eventually gets sick of it and decides to fight. One at a time he  sends out Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. While Charmander really fights back against primeape, Pikachu gets Ash’s hat back. Ends re-throws the pokeball, this time capturing the Pokemon. Ash tries out his new Pokemon by throwing it in the hole Team Rocket’s stuck in, sending them blasting off. In the end it’s revealed all that chasing has gotten them right in front of Celadon City.

Any Surprises?

  • Oak using passive aggressiveness against Ash
  • Professor Oak, the poet
  • Tumbleweed in the forest
  • Jelly donut rice balls , Brock calls them donuts so many times
  • Ash’s hat is from a contest
  • Ash tries murdering Team Rocket with Primeape


Now this episode was Island of the Giant Pokemon done right. After that mess I wasn’t sure if they could ever pull off a good chasing episode. This is another somewhat filler episode there isn’t much to say about. Primeape is a good antagonist. They keep the proper focus on it. I like that not only do they keep running away from Primeape in a variety of ways like splitting up and trying to divert it’s focus. I also like that several times between the chases they try to fight Primeape. It was also great seeing all this hard work pay off for Ash. I really hate when characters diminish Ash’s accomplishments just because he isn’t where other trainers are. So him triumphing over Primeape in a battle that includes Pikachu and all three of the starters. It was a great showcase of them and of Ash’s potential.


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