Haunter vs. Kadabra


Our heroes are back in Saffron City, ready to rematch Sabrina. Understandably, Misty and Brock do not want to go back to that gym. When Ash goes back to the gym the unthinkable happens, Haunter doesn’t show up. None of his other Pokemon want to fight Sabrina either. This means Ash forfeits tries to run. Brock and Misty try running too, but get caught by the doll and are turned into dolls themselves. The strange man from last time saves Ash before he’s turned into a doll too.

Ash finds out about Sabrina’s past from the man (Definitely her dad). She was a child with gifted psychic abilities and basically went crazy because of it. The doll is revealed to be Sabrina’s true self, before she went mad with power. Sabrina’s father advises Ash to find Haunter, beating her gym is the only way to save his friends. Haunter’s still around, currently foiling Team Rocket’s schemes though it’s shenanigans. Ash also happens to run into them and gets Haunter to return to the gym.

In the doll house doll Brock and doll Misty sit immobile and meet Sabrina’s mom. She is also a doll. The Sabrina doll comes to “play” with them, it doesn’t want its’s new “friends” to run away. They re-rematch this time after disappearing again Haunter comes out to play. It’s not a fighter, but instead is able to win the match by blowing a fake bomb in Sabrina’s face and laughing her into submission. This causes kadabra to laugh and forfeit by default. Ash wins his badge through battle for the first time. Haunter decides to stay with the re-humanized Sabrina and no one is stuck as a doll anymore. Most importantly Sabrina’s doll disappears and never ever hurts anyone again.


Any Surprises?

  • Ash straight up tries ditching his friends
  • Doll Sabrina turns Brock and Misty into dolls
  • Ash can’t figure out the man’s Sabrina’s dad
  • Team Rocket thinks Einstein invented the light bulb
  • Sabrina turned her mom into a doll


This episode was not as disturbing as the last one Sabrina was featured in. Don’t get me wrong, the doll turning Ash’s friends into dolls is all sorts of messed up. Their doll faces are just so goofy though it’s way less scary. If the were more like that freaky doll in the bathtub last time things would be so much freakier. Sabrina having her mom trapped as a doll was a nice unexpected twist though. None of this would have happened if Haunter would have done it’s one job.

I don’t understand why Haunter kept going all awol. I know it was a free spirit (har har), but it really couldn’t come through for Ash. At least it was able to stop Team Rocket while it messed around. I’m not really sad to see Haunter go so soon. It was a fine Pokemon, but it still just isn’t that funny.

It felt good watching Ash defeat such a great obstacle. You could argue he really had nothing to do with Sabrina’s defeat, but he was the one that brought Haunter to Saffron. I liked that in the past he earned badges through non battle means, but it felt really good to see him win a battle for it. Ash is still pretty dumb, but he’s learning more and more. That’s all that matters for long journeys like these.


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