The Tower of Terror


Directly following the previous episode the gang heads to Lavender Town. When they reach the tower Brock and Misty try sending Ash in the tower on his own. Team Rocket watches from afar, like usual. While planning there scheme they’re visited by some mischievous ghost Pokemon  (gastly). Meowth starts having a freak out because he’s the only one seeing them. It ends up causing them all to be blasted down to the bottom of the tower. The gang can hear Team Rocket’s screams, but they can’t tell who it is. This causes everyone to look around the tower.

Haunter, gengar, and gastly are shown having their own little room. Our heroes fall into the ghost’s trap, causing them to run away. Ash is determined to reenter the tower and get his ghost Pokemon, this time Ash goes in with Pikachu and Charmander only. Ash runs into the haunter. Charmander tries battling with it, but ends up just being called back to its pokeball. Gengar comes out to play too. The Pokemon are revealed to just trying to make Ash laugh.

Ash and Pikachu are accidentally killed by a chandelier trying to chase the Pokemon. It’s okay because the ghosts are able to pull their souls from their bodies. The rest of the episode is spent on the five pulling some ghostie shenanigans. They mess with Brock and Misty, they fly around the woods, and the ghost shows Ash their pokeplayroom. They want Ash to play with them, but Ash has to go and keep journeying. Misty and Brock find Ash and Pikachu’s body, fortunately the two go back and live again. Haunter follows the trio and comes with Ash to Saffron City. Gengar and gastly get a happy ending too. Jessie, James, and Meowth are forced to play with them for all eternity (or till next episode).

Any Surprises?

  • Pikachus sadism reappears
  • Ash and Pikachu die
  • Ghost Ash can pick up Misty
  • Giraffe swing

This was a pretty fun episode. It came at the perfect time too, being right after last episode’s derangedness. I didn’t find any of the ghosts actually funny, the fun came from how they interacted with everyone. Especially the mini-adventure they have at the end when Ash is a ghost. Not much actually happens so I really just have nothing to say. It’s kinda dumb yeah, but it’s not a boring kind of dumb.


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