Ghost of Maiden’s Peak


Our heroes are finally headed off Porta Vista and summer is offically over. Brock is very upset since he missed out on most of the girls. When they arrive in Maiden’s Peak they find out there’s an end of summer festival. Brock sees a mysterious girl (that’s actually a ghastly). Jessie and James are already plotting to catch all the money festival goers drop. James also sees the ghastly girl. Brock’s been left in a daze by the beauty of the woman he saw.  An old woman comes to Brock and James warning them their in danger because of a beautiful woman.

At the festival the trio learns the story of the titular maiden of maiden’s peak. It’s the girl Brock and James saw. She died 2,000 years ago waiting for her lover to return from war. The two guys still fall madly in love with her, even knowing she’s been dead. Brock leaves them and when night falls, doesn’t return. James is also drawn further into a trace by the ghost. When morning comes neither can be found.

The two boys are in the shrine of the ghost. Pikachu shocks them back to normal. The old woman expositions more about the maiden. The ghost finally reappears. She drags Brock and James into her ghostly grasp. Brock doesn’t mind, James does. Many ghosts begin attacking and everyone finally discovers the ghost’s been a ghastly all along. It also was the old woman the whole time too. They fight ghastly, but it’s able to use illusions against all the Pokemon. Misty’s crosses and garlic and other generic ghost repellents don’t work, but the daylight ends up sending it running. Gastly vows to return next festival and keep the memory of the maiden alive, turns out that was the real maiden’s wish. She still waits for her true love.


Any Surprises?

  • American penny
  • Pidgey clock
  • Jessie doing both parts of the motto then using it to find James
  • Brocks wants to go with the ghost
  • James does not want to go with the ghost
  • Dark plot about ghosts
  • Mongoose illusion
  • Mini fusion dance to make venusoise
  • The maiden and ghastly’s friendship


This was another episode I liked quite a bit. It had a plot I never expected. The ghastly was also the most interesting character of the day yet. Having a plot centered around Brock and James was an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. The only strange part was the battle with ghastly. It was revealed in the very beginning the maiden’s ghost wasn’t what she appeared to be, I was excited for a battle. Ghastly fighting with silly illusions was fun and extremely dumb and contrived.I’m sure a child watching would still enjoy it though (stupidness and all).

There isn’t to many ways to explain how this episode is good. The plot is just very interesting. It kept me wanting to watch in spite of the group not making any progress in their journeys. Even Team Rocket doesn’t get a big bad scheme plot. Their change hunting is dropped as soon as James sees the maiden. It’s completely different from any episode so far and that made it really stand out. It’s more centered on mystery and dramatic irony than achieving a goal. There’s also some depth in this episode with the legend of the maiden. I know I complained with the trio not making it to Vermillion City fast enough, but these anime only towns bring some new twists into Kanto. Now that they aren’t just going through aimless woods there’s possibility for great adventures.


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