Tentacool & Tentacruel


After the mess that was last episode, our trio is still stuck on Porta Vista. An injured horsea comes to visit them. It makes an ink drawing of a tentacool and tentacruel, but everyone kinda ignores it. Misty has the idea to capture it to help it, but they’re interrupted by a boat exploding. Misty sends her water Pokemon to help everyone caught in the blast. They meet Nastina, the boss of the ship who bares a striking resemblance to Brutella. Nastina is trying to build a hotel, but the tentacool and tentacruel are stopping them. Nastina offers the group a large amount of money and other rewards to exterminate the Pokemon. Ash and Brock nearly take it, but Misty stops them. Misty loves tentacool so she becomes inspired to help.

Horsea is doing better and Pikachu is adorable in his little inter-tube as the two Pokemon relax in the baby pool. Nastina offers the town money to exterminate the tenatcool and this draws a large crowd. Naturally Team Rocket takes this opportunity. As they try to destroy the very large amount of tentacool they are attacked. During the attack they also accidentally create a giant tentacruel. The tentacool begin swarming the town as tentacruel attacks it. Meowth is captured by tentacruel after some massive destruction. Somehow it is able to speak through meowth telepathically, basically the Pokemon are pissed cause their home was destroyed by the hotel’s construction.

When hope seems lost horsea approaches the tentacruel and begins begging it to stop. This doesn’t do anything except anger the tentacruel and Ash ends up sending Pidgeotto to rescue it. Ash and Misty send all their pokemon, while brock sends Zubat (who can somehow carry Squirtle). This plan works with stopping all the tentacool. Tentacruel still proves to be a tough challenge. Pikachu tries talking with it and does reason with it. In the end it’s Misty who convinces them to go back to the ocean. She tells them that they (as in humans) are sorry. The Pokemon accept this and leave. Nastine still wants to hurt them, but she ends up being blasted away into Brutella from last episode of all people, destroying the restaurant she was rebuilding. Misty ends up keeping horsea and it happily joins the team.


Any Surprises?

  • Nastina looks like Brutella
  • Fish
  • Misty’s the voice of reason in this episode
  • Zubat can carry Squirtle
  • Misty saves the day
  • Brutella’s cameo
  • Nastina and Brutella are cousins (the suprise mostly is a one off character reappears like this)


It’s been awhile since we had an episode this action packed. I mean we’ve had moments of action in almost every episode, but the whole last half is nothing but destruction and battles. Nastina was a pretty terrible character, much like Brutella was. It worked better in this episode because she was more of a straight up bad guy than just a mean nuisance. It’s another one that starts off pretty slowly too. It seems like it’ll be a much more preachy environmental episode than it becomes. As soon as the Pokemon begin attacking everything really ramps up.

Besides the action, Misty is actually good in this episode. Her passion for the water Pokemon is really admirable and not preachily annoying. The highlight though really is the tentacool and tentacruel. This episode is so much like an old school monster movie and is amazing for it. I’ve never seen destruction in Pokemon get this real. This solidifies the more old school theme too. Tentacruel is a real threat and it’s great watching everyone struggle to stop it. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the resolution doesn’t feel so contrived. Unlike most monster movies it isn’t violence that stops the monster.  Only after using everyone’s full forces does it become clear that violence won’t stop anything. Pikachu and Misty really save the day through their passion. Not really too much else to say without being repetitive. It’s an intense action packed episode that doesn’t feel rushed or get stale.


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