Memories-Green Day: Rock Band


Back in the late 2000s and early 2010s rhythm games were everywhere. The Rock Band and Guitar Hero series’ were both hitting their peaks. I won’t say that it was Green Day: Rock Band that killed the franchise, but it didn’t help the oversaturation of the genre.

The year before  Harmonix released The Beatles: Rock Band. That game was a gimmick, but it was a gimmick with a niche. It worked well with a band like the Beatles, mostly because love them or hate them they have a diverse collection of music. Green Day, is Green Day. That’s not a bad thing, I enjoy Green Day quite a bit. It just makes the game much more limited compared to other Rock Band games.


What does any of this have to do with my memories? Well it’s exactly what I thought back in 2011 when I bought it. I had just finished Rock Band 3 and was still on a real high from it. I wanted more and found this at my local GameStop for only 6.99 used. What a deal! This was right at the time little “edgy” high school me was just getting  into Green Day. It was perfect! Then I played it and it was fine. The music was great that wasn’t the problem. It was just something about the game that left a pretty uninspired taste in my mouth.

All the venues look the same. The only difference is what the band looks like. I do like that the game goes in chronological order and not by difficultly. It really makes you feel like you’re going through the life of the band. I remember trying to get five stars on any song just so I could unlock every extra. I cannot remember what the game actually looks like playing it, besides rock band. It’s a fine game, but it’s in the end just rock band with a pop-punk coat of paint.



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