Beauty and the Beach


Our trio has arrived in the beautiful Porta Vista. They enjoy some nice swimming as they discover Misty is definitely a girl. Team Rocket’s back to watching them from a far, this time in a spiffy gyarados submarine. Ash and gang are riding a boat that they accidentally steal. They crash the boat into Team Rocket’s sub and then crash into the dock. They meet the old man, Moe, who owns the boat and dock. He really likes Misty.

Team Rocket washes on shore and meet Brutella, who puts them to work. While this happens our trio is stuck working for Moe. Brutella’s restaurant is doing much better than Moe’s. Ash gets the idea to put his Pokemon to work and spice things up, and it works. Team Rocket has to sabotage them so they can get paid. It works and Moe’s restaurant is abandoned once again. Moe has a deadline to pay up for the boat or he has to give it to Brutella. This inspires the trio to help Moe follow his dream of sailing the world. When hope seems lost Professor Oak and Delia Ketchum appear from nowhere. Professor Oak suggests working a beauty contest to help them raise the money. Misty decides she wants to enter.

Brock’s the MC for some reason. Misty does well when she enters. She runs into  Jessie and James dressed in bikini’s for the contest.  Infamously, James is wearing a pair of inflatable breasts in his bikini and the pair mock Misty for her lack of chest. Jessie does strangely, but they’re interrupted by Gary of all people. He taunts Ash by using his fan club. Brutella pulls Team Rocket aside and blackmails them with their sub to sabotage the contest. Team Rocket attacks the beach with the sub, which apparently rolls on land. Ash takes a stand and with Charmander and Pidgeotto is able to defeat Team Rocket. Moe is able to keep his boat, and it’s revealed Ash won the trophy for his bravery.



Any Surprises?

  • Leery old men
  • Inflatable breasts
  • Inflatable breasts on James


Oh boy, this episode. For those who don’t know it was originally banned in America due to James’s cross-dressing. It did eventually air years later but edited. The version I watched was the English with the cut Japanese scenes reedited in. When I first began doing this I wasn’t sure if I’d touch the banned episodes since they weren’t originally part of the journey in America. Well they are now.

I’l be honest this episode was bad. Not because of the reason it was banned, but because it felt too rushed. The best part was at the end when after being verbally beaten by Gary, Ash beats Team Rocket. This causes him to win a trophy for his noble efforts.

The main issue is episode is a bit cramped. The plot goes pretty all over the place and everything seems rushed because of it. The plot of them working in the restaurant starts good but ends too soon. Besides most of it ends up consisting of cuts a Team Rocket’s sabotage.  It ends up going nowhere. You could say it’s important cause it leads them to the beauty contest, but I’m sure Professor Oak would have found them anywhere. The beauty contest plot goes the same way. It goes nowhere and it just ends up with Gary taking over. I can’t stand Gary, he’s so obnoxious and it makes no sense why he goes out of his way just to mock Ash. No one ends up winning the beauty contest which continues the theme of pointlessness. Their was just too much in not a good amount of time to flesh each plot out.


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