Pokémon Shipwreck


This episode begins so cheerily with Officer Jenny declaring all of our main characters are dead. How they knew they were on the ship is never answered. Fortunately no one is dead (cause kids show), but they’re all still stuck inside the now sunk boat. As they wake up both the main group and Team Rocket try to escape. Team Rocket’s idea is to make a hole in the ship. This causes problems for Ash’s group as now water is filling the halls. Misty comes up with a great plan of sending Goldeen to see if there’s a way through the water and to bring something from the outside back. Goldeen doesn’t quite make it out as it finds and rescues Team Rocket from drowning. Jessie and James repay this kindness with a Pokémon battle. They never fight as they realize if they fight now they’re all gonna die.

The group grudgingly teams off to live. Misty plot conveniently knows the structure of the St. Anne from a model she built once. They now know exactly how to get off the boat, by cutting through the hull. There’s a large fire in the way that nearly stops them. Ash uses Bulbasaur to make a vine whip bridge to cross the fiery gap. Charmander and all of the water Pokémon in the group get to help in the escape too. James finally gets to prove Magikarp’s worth as it can swim them to safety. His arrogance catches up to him as Magikarp can’t really swim. They end up floating away in the wreckage.

Ash and co. are safe on some floating wreckage. Brock gets an idea from the story of Noah’s Ark, he instructs Ash to send Pidgeotto to find dry land. Once again this yields only Team Rocket drowning. Somehow Pidgeotto offscreen brings them to the wooden platform where our trio presumes them dead. The three of them agree to give them a burial at see. Of course Team Rocket wakes up and Pikachu is clearly upset he couldn’t send them to the afterlife. After getting fed up with Magikarp James kicks it overboard. This causes Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados. It doesn’t want to be James’ Pokémon anymore now it want revenge. It calls up some gyarados buddies that don’t let any of the characters escape. Instead all the main characters of them are blasted off again by a massive dragon rage.


Any Surprises?

  • Officer memorial for “dead” children
  • Real world fish in the sea
  • Pikachu’s kinda rotten (in a fun way)
  • Jessica
  • Magikarp can’t swim
  • Noah’s Ark is a story in Pokemon
  • Burial at sea


I knew this was going to be a great episode! There was just no way not to make getting off a sinking not awesome. There really wasn’t much that bothered me about this one. Yeah it’s weird that real fish are swimming around the ship, and that a group of officers had a memorial for a bunch of kids that I don’t think they would have known never got off the boat. Oh and Pikachu was a bit bloodthirsty, but nothing was there that lessened the focus of the episode. From start to finish it was all about getting off that boat.

I like our main trio and I like Team Rocket. The two groups haven’t always had the best stories together though. Mostly it just ends up with Team Rocket being shoved into the last few minutes. This episode was a great focus on them. It was great watching them show how much they care for each other. They also worked surprisingly well with our trio. Both sides had trouble at first but they ended up doing great. Even if Team Rocket really didn’t do anything but be there and cause even more danger, it was still a great episode for them.

Ash and the gang had some great moments in this episode too. Basically they were the ones to get off the ship. It was nice seeing all three of them contribute a plan to help. Even Misty had a good idea without being obnoxious about it. Between this episode and the previous one all of Ash’s Pokémon got great screen time, and a few of Brock and Misty’s did too.

In the end the best thing comes down to both these groups putting aside their differences to escape. Not only did it keep it action packed but also full of light comedy. This episode ends similarly to the previous one, with everyone in danger. Unlike the last one the climax felt genuinely climatic. I figured James wouldn’t hang on to Magikarp, but I did not see it evolving and calling more Gyarados to attack. This was not only pretty funny in an ironic way, but just great to watch. The actual attack of the Gyarados is so suspense filled. Hopefully the next episode can keep all this great action going.





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