Memories-Stuntman Ignition

I still remember the first time I ever heard about this game. I was watching Naruto on Toonami and all of the sudden during the commercial Tom comes on talking about this game and how awesome it was. I admit it looked awesome. I wasn’t into racing, movie stunts, or even really action movie but I still fell in love with this game. The footage of the car racing around all these different sets performing so many great stunts, of course it made tweenage me need it. I needed this game, and I was not disappointed.


For those who haven’t heard of this fun rush of adrenaline, it’s about a stuntman and the films he/you work on. Basically it’s a racing game but instead of opponents you’re racing against a clock and timed events you have to hit or else you get a strike. Get five strikes or let the timer run out and you get a failed take. There are five main “films” to work on each with five scenes to shoot along with a bunch of one off “side projects”. Each film set and project is wildly different from one an another and no two themes are ever used twice.  The goal is to not only finish each scene but also get the highest score and if you’re good complete a film without breaking your point chain once.


The first film levels will forever be etched into my mind. It starts with a disaster volcano movie. Most of the action in these levels involve going fast while dodging debris. It was difficult at first because this game could be unforgiving to people not used to driving games. The stunts come up in quick succession, really it’s a test of both reflex and memory. Also when you get used to how your vehicle controls you’re given a new one. Even within five levels the variety is astonishing. Besides using a regular car there was an emergency vehicle and motorcycle. I struggled with those scenes especially since I wasn’t used to how they steered, but looking back they were the most memorable vehicles. There really isn’t too much more to say since it’s such a simple game, but it does exactly what it intended to do.



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