Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village


Ash and co. are still headed toward Vermillion city. Unfortunately they are wandering the forest, lost. Misty tries to capture an oddish when the group is stopped by a very angry bulbasaur. It prevents Misty and then Ash from capturing the poor oddish. Through a series of accidents Brock falls off a bridge and Misty gets stuck in a hole. Ash and Misty keep falling into traps while searching for Brock. Team Rocket appears looking for a mysterious village. Brock finds them as he describes how after falling off the bridge he was saved by a girl. He takes them to the girl, Melanie. Melanie explains they are actually in a type of Pokémon health spa. Melanie set those traps to stop trainers from entering the village and disturbing the injured Pokémon. Bulbasaur is revealed to actual be the protector of the village. Team Rocket finally makes it to the village and attacks. They start suctioning them all into their flying stadium. Bulbasaur is able to protect the Pokémon from it. Bulbasaur and Pidgeotto battle team up and attack the machine which sends Team Rocket flying away. After seeing this Melanie decides she wants the bulbasaur to go with Ash. Bulbasaur will go with Ash, but only if Ash can beat it in a battle. After Pikachu goes up against it, Ash successful is able to capture Bulbasaur.


What I Liked

  • Ash voice is higher and less husky, it’s nice
  • Bulbsaur
  • Misty making fun of Brock’s crush on Melanie

What I Disliked

  • Is collapsing a bridge over rapids a safe trap
  • No interesting Pokémon battles until Pikachu vs Bulbasaur

Any Surprises?

  • Misty thinks oddish is a water type because it’s drinking water
  • Bulbasaur knows gust
  • Brock likes Melanie but he’s way more shy about it

bulbasaurclip1This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve always been team bulbasaur all the way. I actually liked how strong of a character Bulbasaur was in this episode. It was shown as being fiercely loyal to the village and I like how angry it is with Ash at first. Ash really has to prove himself before Bulbasaur gives Ash any respect. Seeing Ash fill up his team is pretty great too. He’s had only three Pokémon for too long.

I did remember he catches all the Kanto starters at some point so this was something I was looking forward to. It didn’t disappoint, even if it was mostly character driven. Having only a few bits of action really worked well in this episode. It helped put extra focus on the hidden village. It really made the battle at the end with Bulbasaur all the more special.


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