Clefairy and the Moonstone


The group are headed to the mysterious Mt.Moon to continue their journey. They meet todays one off, Seymour the scientist. He’s being attacked my zubat. Not even in the cave yet and there’s nothing but zubat. They help him and he takes the group through the caves. Somethings amiss in the cave though, some strange bad people are there somewhere looking for the moonstone. They see a clefairy bouncing by (awwwww!) and soon they have to rescue the little guy from Meowth. Of course it was Team Rocket in Mt.Moon, I know it’s been only six episodes, but what did they expect. They face off in a proto double battle with Jessie and James with Ash and Brock. Team Rocket kinda blasts off except Meowth gets away and keeps chasing the clefairy. Misty uses her Staryu blasting Meowth away. The little clefairy temporarily  joins their group as they all discover the moonstone. All the clefairy engage in a dancing ritual around their moonstone god. Team Rocket comes back to mess everything up. They take the moonstone during the fight and run away. In a twist it’s clefairy that officially saves the day by gathering in a group and metroming Team Rocket away. Finally Team Rocket goes blasting off again. A happy ending all around as the clefairy begin evolving and they keep dancing the night away as Seymour joins them forever.


What I Like

  • Clefairy being all cute
  • Butterfree and Zubat vs Koffing and Ekans
  • Misty does good for once in her battle with Meowth
  • Pikachu talking to Clefairy (more awww)
  • Team Rocket goes blasting off again!

What I Dislike

  • Seymour doesn’t let Ash catch a clefairy
  • Actually speaking of Seymour he’s kinda annoying

Any Surprises?

  • Brock caught a zubat and no one, not even the audience saw
  • First time Brock shows off his homemade Pokefood
  • Ash speaks Pikachu kinda
  • Mention of Pokémon praying


Alright now this is filler done right. Besides being centered around one of the cutest Pokémon is also keeps steady action going throughout. While the one off character of the day wasn’t really even good, he was way more tolerable than samurai. The battles were so good in this. I loved how Ash and Brock buck the Pokémon League rules of “one at a time” to have a full on double battle with Team Rocket. I didn’t expect Brock to have Zubat, especially since you don’t see him. The only explanation is he caught it before he entered the cave. Even after the first battle with Team Rocket ends the little clefairy keeps them going on a little journey. I didn’t hate Misty this time, she was actually useful. It only lasted like a minute but I enjoyed her battle with Meowth. It showed she could do something without running her mouth. I was interested in the plight of the little clefairy. I never thought I’d ever hear about a group of Pokémon praying to anything. I was nervous for the filler in this show after  Challenge of the Samurai, but this shows they can make filler with just as much charm and intrigue as a main episode.




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