Memories- Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


After five full days up Pokémon ups and one somewhat large down it’s time for a bit of a weekend pokebreak.  I’m feeling extra nostalgic today, so here is the story of me and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. This was the first game that was all mine. I mean I spent my whole childhood playing games, but it wasn’t until my tenth birthday when I got my gamecube and this along with it. There was just something special about playing a game and system that was all yours. It was just great being able to play a game any time I wanted, it didn’t even bother me that I didn’t have a memory card until at least four months later. The game itself was just perfect for little me. The only other Zelda game I’d played at this point was the very original on my dad’s NES. Man, was this an upgrade. My first thoughts were probably along the lines of “a little girl and a weird boy in blue pajamas, what kind of Zelda game is this.” I was in for a unique experience that has left a huge on me.


My actual experience was definitely different than most people. As I had no memory card I spent a lot of time on Outset island, the pirate ship, and the Forsaken Fortress. I learned every bit of Outset Island. I remember finding Grandma’s secret stash under the house and catching all three of the pigs. Outset Island was my playground. I could run around and make up my own mini adventures while finding secrets. Really though I wanted nothing more than to complete the game sometimes so I would by a pear that lets you control seagulls and see if there was anything I could do to get anywhere else than those three places. I found this weird face rock on the top of the island that no matter what I did I could never get to. I know now that it’s the entrance to the mega hundred floor dungeon, back then though it could have been anything. Sometimes I would actually play the game. Not usually though cause that would mean having to leave my playground and go with Tetra and the pirates.


The pirate ship and the Forsaken Fortress were pretty big struggles back then. It took me at least a month to beat the small challenge in the pirate ship. These days I could slap little me for that because it is beyond easy. After the dumb challenge (Tetra’s words not mine) you get launched into the Forsaken Fortress. The first time I explored the dungeon I somehow made it to the other half of the dungeon Link isn’t supposed to be in until the second half of the game. I ran into the weird moblin statue that shoots lasers at Link when he touches the floor and the worst was ending up in this room where miniblin relentless attacked Link. All I could do was huddle in the corner behind my shield since Link drops his sword. Fortunately I never made it back to that area that early again. The struggle was still real though. I’ve always been terrible at stealth. I was thrown into the dungeon jail more times than I could count. I grew to hate it, and slowly the game. I eventually stopped leaving Outset Island whenever I did play the game. Eventually months later, when I had a memory card I went back and snuck past every moblin in my little barrel. It felt so good finally making it to the end, but not as good as what came next.


The rest of the game was so different from the first three areas. Everything was so huge and vibrant. The moment where I realized I am finally playing the game was Dragon Roost Island. Every part of it felt larger than anything else seen before and finally a real dungeon. Good-bye stealth and hello action, puzzles, and platforming. Going inside and outside the volcano blew my developing mind. Everything after just kept getting better and better. Everything after that dungeon is a memory blur, I know what happens I just never had as strong of feelings for everything. Okay except the Nintendo museum I spent too many hours trying to complete the collection, I didn’t come close and I never tried again. As I got older I never truly let go of these original feelings the game gave me. Even now I still love the game. Heck, I don’t even mind the sailing and even though I’ve beaten it many times the magic hasn’t gone away for me yet.


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