Showdown in Pewter City


We begin with Team Rocket (always a good place to start) building a pitfall trap for Ash and the gang. They end up getting stuck in it, but still great use of your Team Rocket. Back to Ash and co. as they enter into Pewter City they stumble on to a strange man selling rocks. He takes them to a Pokémon Center where Ash learns the secret of Nurse Joy, as in there are multiple identical ones. Ash is set on challenging Brock, the leader of the Pewter City gym. Misty gets upset cause Ash refuses her help in the gym battle. Here we meet Brock, the calm almost cold gym leader. The battle begins and Brock sends out his Onix while Ash sends Pikachu. Poor Pikachu tries to run bad but sadly he’s stuck in this fight. Brock ends up forcing Ash to surrender. After losing the man from the beginning takes Ash to see Brock at home. Brock has to take care of ten identical little siblings all by himself. Here you see the first glimpse of the Brock we all know and love as a warm, caring person. The man helps Ash by powering up Pikachu using an old mill. Misty comes back to bug Ash about how she should help him win. He’s so determined to win this badge himself which is very admirable. In his rematch against Brock he is able to almost win (even if only due to a fluke sprinkler). Brock’s siblings hold him back from dealing the final blow. Brock scolds them for interfering and ends up conceding the battle to Ash. Brock runs after Ash giving him the boulderbadge and admitting battling doesn’t give him much joy. The man returns to reveal he was Brock’s deadbeat dad along. WTF. He decides to stay and take care of his children to let Brock live his dreams.


What I Like

  • Brock
  • Showing Brock’s family life
  • The mill scene
  • Hardly any Misty

What I Dislike

  • Ash forced into surrendering
  • Hardly any Team Rocket

Any Surprises?

  • It took them two weeks to get to Pewter City


This is very refreshing after the last episode. It basically only focuses on Ash and Brock. Even Team Rocket is only seen in the very beginning and end. While Brock is harsh on Ash, his demeanor keeps it from becoming overkill. It’s interesting seeing a character like Brock’s dad really help him become stronger too. This is the first time someone’s helped him actually become a better trainer instead of just telling him he sucks. I could guess from the beginning that he ended up being Brock’s dad. It’s kinda dumb how he just sat around the outskirts of town like a failure when he knew Brock was taking care of his ten other children. By dumb I also mean a bit anger inducing. I can’t be too mad because Brock’s reaction to his father retaking his responsibility is pure gold. This episode gives me hope that the previous episode was  just a fluke in how boring it was. This one was pretty consistent excitement. Between two gym battles and a scene on the mill there was no lack in interesting moments. Even slower scenes like Ash spying on Brock have excitement to it in how unexpected and somewhat tragic it was. This was a good episode for Ash, you can really see him starting to grow.


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