Challenge of the Samurai


I stand by my belief that the first three episodes are very well though out beginnings that as far as children’s shows go, hold up quite well. This one definitely begins the crack in the good old nostalgia lenses. So Ash and co. are still in Viridian Forest. After a pun so cringe that it circles way back to good (see what I liked). A little weedle appears and Ash attempts to capture it. Misty leaves Ash and meets with a samurai child who warns of the beedrill hordes in the forest. The samurai approaches Ash and distracts him from throwing his pokeball at the freshly weakened weedle. The weedle runs away thanks to the samurai, but of course the samurai blames Ash. The samurai wants a battle so Ash sends out Pidgeotto, who is still tired from it’s battle with weedle. Samurai’s Pinsir is able to easily beat the tired Pokémon. Luckily for Ash, Metapod is able to take down Pinsir with it’s harden. This leads samurai to send out his own Metapod. They have a harden battle, to see who has the um er harder metapod. Yep. A swarm of beedrill attack the trainers, samurai says it’s due to the weedle from earlier telling his brethren about Ash. Then samurai leaves blaming Ash, of course. The three trainers and Pikachu run away more or less successfully. They land in a kakuna nest, right when the kakuna are all evolving into beedrill cause of course. Again they all run and hide. Oh yeah and during all this Metapod is still out there. After hiding away they run into Team Rocket. While saying their motto the horde is attracted. Ash reunites with Metapod and Team Rocket is chased away, not blasted off. A beedrill goes into attack Ash where Metapod defends him and subsequently evolves into Butterfree. Yay dream come true for the little guy. They finally leave samurai and the forest off to Pewter City.


What I Like

  • Cowterpie- complete with image of Ash in a cow suit. It’s great even if cows aren’t supposed to exist
  • Metapod becoming the Butterfree it’s always wanted to be

What I Dislike

  • The samurai

Any Surprises?

  • Even if it’s an imagine spot, the vision of Metapod being cut in half by Pinsir
  • Metapod hard battle. I’m too filthy minded for this.
  • The dex says it takes a week for Metapod to evolve into Butterfree. Ignoring how that is just wrong looking at actual evolution but it also means they have been in that forest for a week. smh


This episode wasn’t bad per say, just dull. The action is mostly just running from Beedrill, which gets boring quickly. The one off character of the day is also pretty bleh. All he does is criticize Ash. I’m not saying Ash doesn’t make mistakes he did leave Metapod in the forest, but literally all he does is talk about how awful of a trainer Ash is. It is nice to see Metapod becoming a Butterfree but it feels really quick. Like it was set up as this Pokémon’s dream but it’s been an episode. I mean I don’t completely blame them cause Metapod is a pretty boring Pokémon but geez was that fast. At least next time I can look forward to meeting Brock. Maybe Team Rocket will finally blast off too.


3 thoughts on “Challenge of the Samurai

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