Ash Catches a Pokémon


One again picking up right where the last episode ends Ash is throwing his pokeball at the little caterpie in front of him. And yay he catches the little guy! For some reason Misty really hates him. I mean I hate bugs too, but caterpies are adorable. She does at least get some fun facial animations though. Ash and Pikachu both bond with Caterpie in their own ways. The best is Pikachu and Caterpie talking alone in the moonlight.  We don’t know exactly what they’re saying but they’re having fun and you learn Caterpie wants to be a butterfree. In the morning Misty makes Caterpie sad and it despairing goes into it’s pokeball. While this happens a wild pidgeotto appears and catches Ash’s attention. He was able to catch Caterpie without a battle, but Pidgeotto is a different story. The battle doesn’t start off well as he naively sends out Caterpie to fight. Luckily Pikachu is able to take over and Ash catches a second Pokémon. Team Rocket returns to try and take Ash’s special Pikachu. Another battle ensues between Jessie’s Ekans and James’ Koffing. Ash remains outnumbered because “Pokémon league rules state only one at a time.” Ash’s new Pidgeotto does pretty good, but for some reason Ash calls him back and tries attacked Team Rocket with his fists. It goes about as well as you’d expect. Even though Caterpie is weak from fighting Pidgeotto it’s still able to stand up to the bigger, meaner Pokémon. This causes Team Rocket to retreat (on foot, still no blasting off again). Everything ends well as Caterpie evolves into Metapod. Metapod is one step closer to it’s dream, and our team of Pokémon trainers triumphantly charge further into the forest.


What I Like

  • Ash catches not one, but two Pokémon!
  • Ash bonding with Caterpie is super heartwarming
  • Team Rocket starting to be more like the Team Rocket I know
  • Pidegotto and Caterpie taking on Ekans and Koffing

What I Dislike

  • Misty is so mean to Caterpie
  • Caterpie being so sad it hides in it’s pokeball

Any Surprises

  • Misty hates carrots and peppers
  • Seriously though Misty was my favorite character now I just think she’s super annoying!


I enjoyed seeing Ash beginning to grow as a trainer. Catching Pokémon is a pretty big accomplishment for him and it’s really nice that his first ones are ones kids playing Pokémon would most likely catch first too (well pidgey over pidgeotto, except for that rare chance in Yellow but same concept really). I really did hate Misty in this episode. Even in the end when it looks like she’s going to accept Caterpie/Metapod for what it is she’s still too stubborn to. I honestly can’t wait to see Team Rocket’s first officially  blast off. The excitement of the opening is definitely coming to a close. This episode was still great and super nostalgic, but now it won’t have as much of a luxury of just being the setup of a series. I’m still hopeful this show keeps its charm, so far the charm and heart really do just keep building.



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