Pokémon Emergency!


This episode picks up right where the first one left off. Pikachu is still heavily injured with Ash running to town with Pikachu. He meets (the first) Officer Jenny who is on the lookout for Pokémon thieves. Misty is chasing Ash because the bike he “borrowed” from her was destroyed. Officer Jenny take Ash to the Virdian City Pokémon Center. Here he meets (the first) Nurse Joy who unlike the games actually pulls Pikachu back on a stretcher like in a real hospital. While Ash waits he calls his mom and talks to Professor Oak. Professor Oak is finally being more like mentor I remember. Misty catches up with Ash right as Pikachu gets better. Right then Team Rocket, who are the thieves Officer Jenny was looking for, attacks the Pokémon Center set on trying to steal some strong Pokémon. They try their best to fight back but are actually no match for Team Rocket in this episode until a Pikachu army emerges to fight back. Using Misty’s broken bike they are able to really amp up the electricity and for the send Jessie, James, and Meowth  away into the sky. They do decide to try and recapture that strong Pikachu someday. The episode ends on a high note with Ash and Misty entering the Viridian Forest throwing a pokeball at a wild Caterpie.


What I Like

  • Jessie and James (dat motto)
  • Officer Jenny busting through the Pokémon Center on her motorcycle with Nurse Joy’s only response being “We have a driveway you know.”
  • Continuity with the strange Pokémon, even if we know it’s not an Articuno
  • Pika power source, awwwwww

What I Dislike

  • Misty’s meaner than I remember
  • The fight with Team Rocket starts off a bit too slow

Any Surprises?

  • Ash’s Pokedex is an ID
  • Ash has a father
  • Jessie and James seem threatening
  • Team Rocket actually didn’t go “blasting off again”


Again another solid start to the series. This feels more like a second part to Pokémon, I Choose You! than a separate episode.  It really continues with the same sense of panic that follows into adrenaline. It is definitely another great start that really begins to flesh out the show with more characters and world building. I really enjoyed seeing the introduction of Team Rocket. They were actually doing really good (er bad?) for a while before Pikachu. It was pretty weird to see Team Rocket like this knowing how ridiculous they become. So far I’m still really enjoying it. I know the show doesn’t stay like this but hopefully the nostalgia bomb lasts a little longer.


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